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Release 0.10


1New Features
2Bug Fixes

New richtext editor

We have redeveloped our richtext from scratch. The Richtext editor is faster and the user experience has been optimized.

Switching between organizations and spaces

We have updated the search and improved the search results to make switching even faster.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where sometimes no title was displayed for assets

  • Switching between views is now possible again without refreshing the browser.

Release 0.9


1New Features


A new function has been introduced to publish a document at a scheduled time or to take it offline again. This can now be found in all organizations at the bottom left of the documents (under the name Releases) or in a document itself in the tab to the right.

Switch spaces

Switching between organizations has become clearer and easier.


We have now clearly separated the project settings and the user settings .


The display of thumbnails when editing documents has been improved.

Release 0.8


1New Features

Auto save

Now it is no longer necessary to press the "Save" button any change will be saved for you automatically.


In the past, editors had to create separate documents for the translation into the desired language. If you had to translate a single page into English, Spanish, French, German and Russian, then you would have to create five documents. Now, all the fields for translation are displayed one below the other in one document.

Changed way slices work

We have replaced slices with linked documents, which means the editor view remains the same, but the content can now be reused.

Release 0.7.1



Document Search

We have improved the document search to increase usability. Furthermore, from now on the filter can be narrowed down to specific document fields.

Release 0.7


1New Features
2Bug Fixes

Multilingualism of the UI

The user interface is now available in several languages. Currently we support German, English and Spanish, more will follow soon.

Dragging Images from other Websites

You can now upload images directly when you drag them from other websites into caisy.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where images cannot be dragged and dropped into the document drawer with a higher stack of documents.

  • Fixed a bug where the "Set Link" button in the rich text editor did not work properly in some cases.

Release 0.6


1New Features
2Bug Fixes

User Access Tokens

To give you the possibility to build simple extensions for our system and especially to access the API we have introduced user access tokens. These can be managed in the menu Settings. They work like the normal token you get after authentication with username and password, only that it is permanently valid.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed handling of reset password and the email content

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from being invited to join an existing organisation

Release 0.5


1New Features
1Bug Fixes

UI Extension

Often during development you come up against the limits of a given scope. Therefore, we have introduced UI extensions that allow developers to embed any content from the web via an iframe that can interact with the caisy API and therefore even the most individual wishes can be implemented.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when trying to create a new webhook

Release 0.4


1New Features

Custom Dashboard for Each Organization

Teams need data and statistics that they access frequently in a common central location. For that purpose, in Caisy we have created a separate dashboard for each organization that can be customized.

Release 0.3


2New Features

Views to Structure Documents

For better structuring of documents we have introduced views in Caisy. These views allow to save each search query in a folder and share it with other users.

Document Linking

To make it easier to link and jump between documents, we have redesigned the document linking. This allows you to jump back and forth between documents across multiple layers. Also, you can easily change the sort order by drag & drop.

Release 0.2


1New Features

Advanced Image Editing

With the new image editor it is possible to crop images, change the color, adjust the contrast etc...

Beyond Markdown

To make it easier to work with text and to make the interpretation of text content in the frontend more consistent, we updated our previous Markdown editor and built our own version based on the Slate editor.

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