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What exactly is caisy?

In today’s world, people have adapted to life in a mobile digital environment: apps, websites, smart tv’s, IoT. These everyday products have their own discrete user interfaces, but they also need content. This is where caisy comes into play.

Caisy has a unique concept which is based on ui components. Once developed, these components can be assembled via the user interface and new content pages can be created quickly headless templating, minus the stress of a cumbersome templating language. 



projects are already hosted on caisy

Work smarter, not harder.

Be as big as your imagination

Simplify your life with caisy. With just a few clicks you can update and edit any part of your website, blog or app. You’re a creator – use your time to create instead of managing content. 

Content Editor

Content Editor

Know what your content will look like before you publish. With caisy, you see every change live, eliminating surprise mistakes and giving you confidence in your product.  

Content Manager

Content Manager

Caisy empowers you to create and publish beautiful web pages without specialized coding skills.

Build your own layout with the easy-to-use component library and powerful drag-and-drop editor.



With its headless approach, caisy empowers developers to implement what they envision.

The creation of UI extensions makes it possible to meet even the most specific requirements. And all this without drowning in any extra work.

Content Editor
Content Manager


Editing and managing content just got easier

Create content once, share it everywhere.

Customizable Interface


Use UI extensions to customize the caisy web app

Multi-Client Capability


Manage all your clients in one shared workspace, using an intuitive dashboard



With the command line interface, any action can be accessed and completed in seconds

Headless Templating

Coming soon

Build your own layout with the easy-to-use component library and a powerful drag-and-drop editor

Live Preview

Coming soon

With every live change visible in real time, you can be confident that the final result will be perfect

Light and Dark UI

Coming soon

We have multiple themes: use light or dark, your choice

More coming soon...


Connect with the
frameworks you love!

We’ve designed caisy to free up developers, allowing them to focus on what they do best. With a single endpoint, you can build modern applications for any platform with an API-first approach – all without sacrificing performance.

Caisy facilitates your favorite tools, eliminating the hoop-jumping often required to make your tools cooperate. Plus, you’ll have the ability to expand caisy with UI Extensions.

The ultimate content platform

Give Your Team the Freedom to Create and Succeed

Unleash Unlimited Creativity

Get caisy early access!

Be the first when we open up early access to companies and teams.

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